4" Round x 2" Square Gate Frame Nylon Cantilever Roller Set (4)
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All roller sets come packaged 4 rollers to a set with brackets and bolts. All rollers include pre-installed covers. Each set includes 2 reinforced stops and also include our ASTM protective panel bracket.

NEW - Our Accura Rollers for Square Frame Gates featuring our new ProAction™ Technology. Our Patent Pending design features tapered sidewalls substantially reducing drag on square frame cantilever gates.

Roller – 2" square graphite impregnated nylon roller is UV stabilized and a full 7" in diameter. The precision machined low friction surface helps extend the life of the gate coating. The high density of the nylon roller allows gates to roll with minimum effort. Accura rollers are a perfect match for automated gates to help extend the life expectancy of expensive gate operators.

Bracket – The heavy duty design is made from 5/16” (8mm) thick galvanized steel rather than cast aluminum or iron for long term performance and to eliminate cracking. Rather than a single vertical gusset we use a 3 way gusset for superior strength. The axle housing is 1/2” thick and penetrates the base. U bolts, nuts, and washers are included. The 1/2" set screw includes a locking nut.

Axle – 1-1/8” (28mm) machined steel axle is galvanized for long life. Stainless steel snap rings on both sides securely retain the wheel. Machined set screw section in the axle allows for fine-tuned roller alignment.

Bearings – two 62/28 RS - rubber sealed bearings are pressed into both sides of the roller.

Nylon Dust Covers – protect the bearings on each side of the wheel.

Load Rating – 4000# reaction load.

Warranty – Five (5) Year Limited Warranty. See warranty certificate for details.

Cover – Pre-installed covers are included with every roller saving installation time and insuring that you always have them when you need them. UV stabilized black plastic covers are vented to allow moisture to drain so they work on either the top or bottom roller. Unlike some our cover is firmly held in position by the gusset, the set bolt and the axle end to prevent it from turning or sagging and dragging on the gate frame.

Gate Stops and bottom bracket  - Heavy 1/4" (6.3mm) steel are now gusseted to better protect the roller and covers during opening or closing. This is especially important on manually operated gates. Since the gate rolls so freely the weight of a heavy gate hitting the stop is transferred to the post rather than the cover or roller. Two are included in every kit at no additional charge. For automated gates our stops are now punched for a carriage bolt and each set includes a ASTM protective panel mounting bracket to make it easier to comply with ASTM 2200.

For more information please visit http://cantileverrollers.com

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4" Round x 2" Square Gate Frame Nylon Cantilever Roller Set (4)

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