HD Internal Truck Assembly guide rollers with Sealed Bearings
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 – Four 2.05" diameter (52mm) pemanently-lubricated sealed bearings are maintenance free. Rollers are individually rated at 2730# dynamic load. Bearings are pressed onto the body, they also get a stainless snap ring as a second layer of security from working loose and damaging expensive aluminum gate tracks.

Guide Wheels – Two 2.13" diameter (54.1mm) steel rollers incorporating Accura's exclusive sealed bearing design. Bearings with a load rating ≈50% greater than many competing (and similar in appearance) rollers are pressed into the guide wheel and then the inner race is bolted (captured) in place then pinned to prevent loosening in use. Since the stainless steel pin is supported both above and below the guide the structure is much stronger...critical in addressing the swaying motion. 

Center Axle – 304 Stainless with stainless snap rings.

Body– High strength ZAMAK #3 Zinc-Aluminum Alloy per ASTM 4G-04A. Others make a similar looking part using an aluminum body.

Mounting Bolt– Fine thread stainless steel 5/8" bolt with rod end bearing and locking nuts. Static load rating of 6800#. Using a rod end bearing rather than simply a fixed axle connection insures that the truck assembly tracks freely by accommodating the subtle swaying motion inherent in most gate installations.

Load Rating – 2000# reaction load rating on the truck assembly.

 – Five (5) Year Limited Truck Assembly Warranty. See warranty certificate for details.

For more information please visit http://cantileverrollers.com

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HD Internal Truck Assembly guide rollers with Sealed Bearings

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